Remote Watchman Enterprise (RWME) is a web-based product that can monitor hundreds or thousands of sensors, TCP servers and cameras in one Windows application. Using your web browser, RWME can keep you in touch with your whole enterprise by displaying live, past and performance data in a variety of formats. It operates as a Windows Service (in the background) watching your critical assets and most importantly - alerting your staff when environmental conditions become unacceptable.

See a live installation, performing environmental and network monitoring

The RWME software can access environmental sensors on any TCP network (LAN,WAN) and those connected to PC's, workstations, device/terminal servers or network appliances like Sensorsoft Alert. The Sensorsoft Graphing Tool (SGT) has been integrated into RWME for a complete solution. SGT can profile and graph data with as little as two mouse clicks.


  • Protect computing and telecom equipment
  • Prevent spoilage or damage to frozen or perishable goods
  • Physical security and activity monitoring
  • Monitor and log for quality control applications
  • Early warning ability for unexpected changes

General Features

  • Runs as a Windows Service (it works even when you're not logged-in)
  • Monitor sensors, servers and cameras
  • View and manage your data and alerts using a web browser
  • Simple, centralized management of all devices over TCP/IP connections
  • Customized alert messages can be sent to pagers, digital phones and e-mail addresses
  • Alerts can also launch command lines, control relay contacts and shutdown servers
  • Multiple user-defined alert thresholds and events (warning, critical, boolean and return to normal)
  • Powerful, integrated multi-client web server
  • RWME's opitmal design and low overhead, means you can use it on an existing Windows machine
  • Plug and go support for all Sensorsoft devices
  • E-mail alerts are sent using the SMTP protocol with authentication
  • Unlimited number of E-mail addresses are supported for alerting
  • SMS alerts can be sent to multiple devices/providers using TAP or GSM protocol
  • Using a GSM or dial-up modem, alerts can be issued when your IP network is down
  • Log and data files can be of unlimited size, unlike appliance based solutions
  • Graph data files with two mouse clicks using built-in Sensorsoft Graphing Tool
  • Monitor List can be customized for viewing preferences
  • XML output allows sharing of live data with other applications
  • Organize monitored items by location or function
  • Supports real-time sensors for monitoring doors, motion, push-buttons, dry-contact and voltage inputs
  • Delayed alerting prevents nuisance alerts caused by intermittent or transient outages/behavior
  • Two SMTP servers can be destinated for mission-critical redundancy

Security Features

  • IP blocking/trusting to prevent unauthorized access
  • Password protected login
  • Two levels of access permissions - Administrator or Read-only user
  • User defined web server port

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000,XP,2003,x64,Vista,7
  • CPU: Intel Pentium II 300 MHz processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 128 Mb (more is required as number of monitored items increases)
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 Mb minimum for product installables. Recommend 1 Gb free space for log and swap files. Installation program will take at least 25 Mb of free space.
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Modem: required if SMS is used. Support for most GSM/GPRS modems, U.S. Robotics, Practical Perpherals, Hayes and Hayes compatible dial-up modems
  • TCP/IP LAN or Internet connection is required
  • TCP/IP Services must be installed
  • SMTP compliant mail server, if email alerts are required
  • Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are recommended, Safari and Opera are supported
  • Click here for the Sensorsoft Graphing Tool's system requirements

Technical Support

  • One year installation/setup support included with product purchase (maximum three incidents)
  • Pay as you go - on a per support incident basis
  • Optional yearly maintenance agreement with updates, upgrades and support incidents

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