Sensorsoft offers the Sensorsoft Graphing Tool (SGT), a powerful software tool for graphing data files recorded by Sensorsoft Alert appliances or Remote Watchman Enterprise software. SGT is a first class analytical tool that almost anyone can use. It profiles and graphs data with as little as two mouse clicks. Those who use Microsoft Excel to graph our data will find SGT faster, easier and more powerful. SGT runs in your web browser on platforms that support The Sun Java Virtual Machine (VM) 1.4.1 or later.

The Sensorsoft Graphing Tool can be customized with many different user definable looks. Some of these are shown above. The Sensorsoft Graphing Tool is integrated into the Sensorsoft Alert appliance and the Remote Watchman Enterprise software, for a complete solution.


  • View data trends
  • Troubleshoot system problems

General Features

  • Runs as a Java applet in ** any web browser
  • Uses data files created by Alert or Remote Watchman products or others, using our text delimited file format
  • Works with boolean and scalar data
  • Easy to use - anyone can graph data with as little as two mouse clicks
  • Integrated profiler can discover multiple data series within a data file
  • Graph data files with millions of records
  • Zoom in on a portion of the graph by dragging your mouse horizontally across the graph
  • Set graphing options and text labels for the graph
  • Generates useful statistics (Max, Min, Range, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation and Duty Cycle)
  • Customizable look and feel (36 different user definable looks)

Minimum System Requirements

  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Web Browser with Sun Java VM Ver 1.4.1 installed (VM available at Sun Microsystems)
  • Graphics screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

Technical Support

  • See Remote Watchman Enterprise or Sensorsoft Alert appliance for included support

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