If you want to add support for temperature monitoring or environmental monitoring in your software applications, look no further. We provide software developers with the following means for supporting Sensorsoft devices in your applications:

  • For Windows programmers we offer the Sensorsoft .NET Component (below) for writing programs in Visual Basic, C# or C++
  • XML support in Remote Watchman Enterprise software and Sensorsoft Alert appliance
  • For recent Sensorsoft products you can use our Simple Text commands in Python, PHP, Ruby or JavaScript programs
  • Develop low level code based on Sensorsoft Device Protocol (SSDP) as per our User's Manuals - For advanced programmers
  • For Linux and embedded system developers we offer software programming and consulting on a paid basis

Sensorsoft Device Monitoring .NET Component

If your application is based on the Microsoft .NET framework, Sensorsoft has a solution for you. We provide a free download containing a .NET component and demo applications that can support the full line of Sensorsoft devices.

Even if you are not currently using the .NET environment, our demo applications can provide you with a means for creating addins and command line utilities that can be called by your existing application. These resources can radically cut your development time to add or enhance support for Sensorsoft devices in Windows applications.

Key Features

  • Support for polled and real-time Sensorsoft devices
  • Communicate with Sensorsoft devices via TCP or through a COM/USB port
  • Use multiple instances to monitor many Sensorsoft devices
  • Write to Sensorsoft devices (useful for controlling relays)
  • Easy to use object oriented and event driven API

The following demo applications with source code are provided:

  • Command line utility (ssdtool) that can communicate with a Sensorsoft device
  • Windows (GUI) Form application to perform live monitoring of a Sensorsoft device

Licensing and Warranty

Sensorsoft provides a royalty free license to use and distribute the files available for download below. No warranty of any kind is provided on the use of these programs or files.

Technical Support

Sensorsoft Corporation does not provide free support to those wishing to write their own software; this is available on a charge-per-incident basis only. Please contact our Sales Department for current rates. We do accept and appreciate bug reports (via email), related to the Sensorsoft .NET component.


  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework to run our demo applications
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or greater) software to modify or create applications
  • A Sensorsoft device for testing purposes

To download this powerful set of free tools, click the Download button below.